Educational views from below and inside

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Gau de Mello, A., Custodio, C., & Franco, M. (2017). Educational views from below and inside. InterCambios. Dilemas Y Transiciones De La Educación Superior, 4(1), 64-71. Recuperado a partir de


To interpret the frontier as a space of complexities, dialectics, encounters and disagreements, a research project in the social sciences is made effective through an agreement with the Regional Heritage Museum of Rivera. Methodologically, it is proposed to collect, analyze and disseminate the local culture through written, printed, photographic and oral documents as tools for the interpretation of the cultural manifestations of the border region.
For the execution of the project the participation of students of Centro Regional de Profesores del Norte (CERP del Norte) as co-producers in an inclusive sense of the learning processes is included. We propose as a team the beginning of a process of reflection and with a deep critical sense about who we are as a border society, that is, to approach cultural processes.



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